Marianne M.-

I saw this band earlier this year and let me tell you State of the Union is as good as it gets!

I was able to catch them playing at the Laguna Beach St. Scene and this band delivers!


Jeff Eller-

In one word: phenomenal! I had the amazing opportunity to hear State of the Union play at the Main St. Lounge in Santa Barbara. All I can say is that you will not be disappointed!


Hey State Of The Union !!,

I like the Music and I like the sound of the band; the vibe that they give off when they play. The drummer seems to really be into the music.

- Sep 28, 2016


     Let me start by saying this band, STATE OF THE UNION , is not your typical funk band that has a roundhouse jazz posture. With this band You hear echo's of The Ohio Players, Funk-a-delic and early 70's Herbie Hancock; all around entertaining and not boring.

     The Repertoire of S.O.T.U. was extensive.All the songs were attention grabbers and each band member displayed their own awareness of their instrument . The use of this awareness was definitely articulated in tunes like "Surrender", "Magic", & "In the Groove”.

     One tune that stayed with me the most was "The Peddlers". It had a smooth middle eastern vibe by way of John Klemmer with a hint of Harold Land.

     Logan Bacharach (sax) and Mikal Majeed (keyboards) have been crossing musical paths for years it seems; their  approach to their  musicasl "question and answer"  rotates throughout the songs at various times.

 Blair  Sherrill (drums) and Bart Broadnax (bass) were amazing.Their rock soild syncopated-down-right-slammin'-rhythms rocked the house on a tune call "NY Melting Pot".

    I had a great time listening and watching the band and can't wait to see what journey the STATE OF THE UNION band  takes me next.


                                        -Steve Estrad, Boulevard Sentinel, Eagle Rock News

                                                                            CA. USA